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You may run a Sporting or Social Club and have an event or party to arrange in the near future, you might own/run Restaurant or Pub, maybe you have a wedding to plan and you want to give your guests something special and definitely different but don’t want to break the ‘Piggy Bank’. Calling in outside caterers can sometimes be a very expensive, even most other Pig Roast companies who cook their animals with tasteless LPG gas heated ovens will provide an assistant/s at £££’s extra, this is to help cook your the pig. All this will add to the final cost.
The HOGBOX is so simple, this D.I.Y Hog Roast BBQ feeding machine needs no outside assistance, yourself and a trusty ‘Sidekick’, will be more than capable of following simple cooking instructions. This is just one of the factors of why our prices are so competitive, another is that when you are cooking whole animals there is very little butchering costs involved and with the amount of meat we are buying there is always discount in bulk. This discount is then passed on to all our customers.