Nowadays peoples eating habits seem to be changing, with the vast amount of info on the internet and TV shows like Masterchef becoming evermore popular, it looks like people are at least attempting to try new things in the kitchen with their food. Lots of people are even taking their baking to a higher level, proven in the rise and rise of programs like The British Bake Off. Today, most of us will and want to try new and different foods, and we definitely expect good food, wherever they are eating.
So why not try take your Alfresco Dinning experiences to that kind of level, it is not as tough as you might think. With our marinated, FRESH TOP QUALITY meats and the HOGBOX you will be able to feed all of your guests with a quality of food you may of expected in a restaurant or fine dinning establishment. No joke, throw a party like no other and astound everyone by serving them delicious LOW N SLOW, fall apart, melt in the mouth cooked meats. The HOGBOX is capable of cooking anything from a huge 80 KG Pig to a a tiny DOG. Hot Dog that is. Taste delicious pulled pork like no other, turn chicken into succulent Beer Can Chicken, sear steaks, the list goes on.
The secret off delicious LOW N SLOW cooked meat is the marinate, that why here at HOGBOX we have taken the time and effort to prepare all our meats, they come marinated to your choice.
And one of the best bit is the cost. Buying whole animals normally means that we save on most of the butchering cost, therefore we can pass these discounts to our customers. All our Pigs and Chickens are totally fresh and have NEVER been frozen. They will be delivered on the Day/Evening of your choice and ready to place directly in on on the HOGBOX and ready to cook.
With all the hard work done and with the meat cooking in the HOGBOX, then its back to the party only occasionally having to return to add more charcoal and change ash, then according to the type of meat/weight of meat all you have to do is wait. Using the Wireless Thermo Probe and the Smartphone App provided means you can monitor the internal and ambient temperature of the meats inside, giving you confidence of the cooking progress of the contents inside the oven. The Smartphone App will even alert you when the meat is cooked.
Cook Beer Can Chicken in 1 1/2 to 2 hours
Whole Fresh UK 75/80 KG Pig in 7 hours
Suckling Pigs in 4 hours
There could be a million and one reasons for a party so whether you are planning any event, maybe your Wedding, a Birthday Bash, or you own a Pub/Restaurant or run a Sports or Social Club, a Scout Group whatever, we’re gonna start the best party here.
find out more about the HOGBOX here VISIT WHAT IS A HOGBOX